About Us

Comunidad Colectiva is a grassroots organization predominantly led by immigrant women of color. Colectiva was created in response to the anti-immigrant rhetoric of the 2016 presidential election and the xenophobic policies of the Trump administration. The founding members of Colectiva are long-time immigrant organizers who sought to advance progressive local policies to protect the immigrant community in Charlotte-Mecklenberg.

Community ICE Verification System

We provide ICE verification to over 9,000 Mecklenburg county residents via text and over 25,000 on social media

Community Defense Trainings

We work with communities that are directly impacted by the Trump administrations anti-immigrant agenda. These communities live in what we call “hot zones” where there is heightened ICE enforcement. We are train community members on their rights and how to build their own ICE verification system.

Colectiva Youth group

We are providing a safe space to black and brown youth to learn about their identity, social justice skills, and much more.

Support Our Work

Comunidad Colectiva is a grassroots group based out of Charlotte, NC that organizes around there rights and needs of the immigrant community. Colectiva was founded in December of 2016 in response to the election of President Trump administration’s anti-Immigrant policies. In 2018, Colectiva spearheaded a campaign to successfully unseat Mecklenburg County’s anti-immigrant Sheriff and elect its first African American Sheriff committed to ending collaboration with ICE, put an end to solitary confinement for minors, and return in-person visitation inside county jails.

We have made great strides but we need to do more as ICE activity increases in our area. Your donation will help immigrant community members know their rights, develop community defense strategies, and so much more.

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